7th Heaven Dad Stephen Collins Taped Confessing To Child Abuse (VIDEO)

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Stephen Collins, who played a pastor and dad of seven children on 7th Heaven, was caught on tape admitting to have molested young children.The tape, that was obtained by  TMZ, was recorded by Collins’ estranged wife, Faye Grant, during a therapy session they were attending as a couple.

In the disturbing audio, Collins tell his wife how he exposed himself to at least three young girls, between 11 and 13 years of age.



He then goes on to explain in detail how he made an eleven-year-old girl touch his genitals and even described the nature of his erection at the time. The girl was allegedly a relative of his first wife, and he went on to molest her again when she was 12 and 13 years old.

This comes as a shock for many, since Stephen Collins owes his fame in gran part to 7th Heaven, where he played the benevolent pastor and dad of seven children for 11 seasons of the show. What’s worrying, is that the Warner Brother’s beloved drama was far from the only time Collins worked with underage actors. He also had a part in The Fosters, a show about young kids raised in a foster family, and in the more recent show, Revolution, that also features very young actors.


The tape was recorded in secret by Faye Grant, who was apparently following the advice of her lawyer. Collins had confessed to his wife in 2012 that he had abused little girls, which led to the couple pursuing therapy. Grant’s lawyer then told her that in California, she was allowed to record conversations in secret in order to gather evidence of a violent felony. And molesting children under 14 qualifies as exactly that.

The couple is currently in the middle of a long legal battle for divorce, but it is unknown if the tape will play a part on that.

The New York Police Department is currently in possession of the tape. They are investigating the incident as inappropriate sexual contact with minors, and have confirmed that there are at least three victims. They have also said that, even after years have passed, the case can still be prosecuted.

No matter the result of the investigation, there’s no doubt that Collins’ career will take a huge blow. After all, no matter how lovable his characters are, they won’t hide the fact that behind them, there’s a man capable of such a disturbing crime. According to IMDB, his next role will be in a short called Penance, where he will play the character of a priest, which is, at least, uncomfortably appropriate.

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