Amanda Bynes In Trouble: Arrested And Getting Married?

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Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. What are we going to do with you, girl? It is not a good moment for former child star Amanda Bynes. Oh no. After being recently arrested for yet another DUI, her supposed fiance, Caleb Pusey revealed that he and Amanda were not dating at all, much less engaged. The young actor admitted they met in rehab and became friends, but denies that they ever dated and claims they haven’t spoken to each other in months! Not only does it seem Amanda is hallucinating in general, but she’s fantasizing about fake weddings and getting engaged to boyfriends who’ve never even held her hand!

Bynes’ story looks really familiar, (Britney, anyone?). Sometimes I wonder if there are any innocent child stars that weren’t corrupted by Hollywood?


In the past year, Bynes seemed to have lost touch with reality and stopped being in charge of her life. She exhibited strange behaviors like talking to herself, shared weird tweets and was even hospitalized involuntarily for a mental evaluation, after she set a stranger’s driveway on fire. She went to rehab, went back to school to study fashion and even got engaged. Or so she said.

Prior to revealing her engagement to Caleb, she was tweeting extremely weird rants, like when she accused her father of rape and then deleted it. She even gave an interview to In Touch magazine, where she explained why she wanted to get married. “I’m very needy for friendship and I hate men”. Said the 28-year-old actress. “I want to be married and I want to be away from people”.

Unfortunately for her, it seems like her groom won’t be able to make it, since he had no idea that they were supposed to get married. Or that they were dating at all. According to TMZ, 19-year-old Caleb Pusey completely denied dating Amanda Bynes. He admitted that they got close when they were bot in rehab and that they became friends. But apparently, they never dated at all.

The supposed engagement came as news to him, since he claims that he an Amanda haven’t spoken in months. Sooo….congratulations, Caleb, on your “new bride”?

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