Drake: A Stripper Said I Did WHAT?

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Drake’s jealousy has sparked a violent reaction in Drake, at least that’s what Jhonni Blaze, the Houston stripper he was having sex with claims. She described the incident as Drake and his posse coming over and kicking her door down and then threatening to kill her. Of course Drake and everyone who knows him claims that Blaze is simply blowing smoke. The police will neither confirm nor deny the rumors, only stating that a “celebrity” was involved in Jhonni Blaze’s attack.


That didn’t stop Blaze
from talking or from filing a police report. She claims that Drake kept sending angry and threatening texts to her before he sent his people over to her house. Although she did file the report, she hasn’t pressed charges, which is odd given the alleged accusations. Is someone, perhaps, trying to land a settlement off court? Hmm

Now Drake was previously in a relationship with Rihanna, who we all know was the victim of abuse at the hands of Chris Brown before she hooked up with Drake. It seems highly unlikely that Drake would behave in such a way towards a stripper especially when he and Rihanna have remained on good terms, even after their break-up. Why would he attack a woman and risk alienating Rihanna especially since he has expressed recent interest in working with her on some future music projects? However this ends up getting solve, one thing is for sure: abuse towards strippers is not new, in Hollywood or anywhere else, and it’s so NOT OK.

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