Friends Turns 20: The One Where We Remember the Best Rachel Green Hairstyles as Worn by Jennifer Aniston

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Hold on to your coffee mugs — it’s been 20 years since the landmark series Friends debuted. Among the many memorable moments of the show’s 10-season run (“Smelly cat,” that first Rachel-Ross kiss, any time Joey said, “How you doin’?”), it’s virtually impossible to remember Friends without thinking of “The Rachel.”

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The iconic shaggy-layered hairstyle, created by Chris McMillan for Jennifer Aniston‘s character, Rachel Green, caused a frenzy across the world. Aniston has since panned the style, calling it “horrible.”

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But we think that’s a “moo point.” Instead, Us Weekly honors the many iterations of Jennifer Aniston’s hair on Friends with this retrospective.

After rocking the bouncy style for the first two seasons, Aniston began experimenting with length and texture.

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Credit: J. Delvalle/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

By the fourth season, Aniston had grown out her layers and length for a below-the-shoulder style — and perfected the “behind the ear tuck.”

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Credit: Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Leaving “the Rachel” in the dust, Aniston grew her hair out to a super-long length with sun-kissed highlights.

Credit: NBC/Newsmakers

By the seventh season, Aniston cut a little length off and added bounce to her ends with soft waves.

Credit: NBCU Photo Bank

She then kissed her long locks goodbye for a simple blunt-cut bob.

Credit: Danny Feld/NBCU Photo Bank

Aniston returned to her wavy roots of the pilot episode during season 8 with a voluminous middle-parted style.

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