Guuuurl! Where Did You Get That Weave?

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Beweave it or not, selling hair weave isn’t limited to the middle class American anymore. Just look at Kylie Jenner. She’s got more money than God and she’s getting into the business of producing her own line. It’s simply the latest in a trend of side businesses that have even piqued the interest of some celebrities. But what’s the big deal about weaves and why are celebs so eager to sell this stuff too?


Well haven’t you ever seen a show where the actress has long hair and wondered how she can have such a full set when she appears on the red carpet with shorter hair? Just look a Jenna Dewan-Tatum. No she’s not selling weave! But on her show, Witches of East End, she has a full luscious amount of hair but in real life she has recently made her hairstyle shorter.


So why couldn’t Jenna just don a wig or have the writers add in the haircut into the storyline? It’s not always about what the actress wants, it’s about what the producers want. If they say you have to have long hair, by God you better find a way to get your full set of hair back or you’ll end up in the unemployment line by Friday.

Celebrities have one major advantage over the average weave entrepreneur and that’s their ability to use their star status to promote and bring in more business. Just as these lovely celebrities.

Vivica A. Fox began her wigs and weave business years ago. Now her industry, Vivica Fox Hair offers an array of pieces for different styles. Her hair extension and other products are distributed throughout the entire country to a variety of beauty supply stores. You’re unbeweaveable, Vivica.


Whether you think that anyone from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is an actual celebrity is open for debate. Nevertheless, Porsha Stewart has her own line called Naked Hair. Her line provides women with weave extensions that make a set of hair look long enough to drag down the red carpet.

GG Gharachedaghi is well known for starring on the reality show Shahs of Sunset but what a lot of fans didn’t know was that she was in fact, herself wearing a weave. That’s because her product line was designed to be so perfect that it was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. The bands that hold the weave to your natural hair don’t require any of the clips or glues that conventional weaves use and you don’t have to go through the painful process of getting your weave sown to your head.  

Wendy Williams … WAIT! Did you say Wendy Williams, popular talk show host? That Wendy Williams? YES! Unlike some people in show business, she was never the type of person to shy away from the truth of wearing weaves and wigs. In fact, her love for hair extensions is what drove her to come up with Wendy’s Hair World, which uses a combination of real and synthetic hair to make her product what they are.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where these ladies started from or at what point in the celebrity totem pole they are in. These ladies have not only come up with hair extensions that work well for themselves. They’ve also decided to share it with the entire beauty salon industry and women everywhere.


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