H&M Butts Heads With Kurdish Freedom Fighters

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H&M is at it once again. Scandal everyone! Somehow they can’t stop pissing people off with yet another controversial fashion statement. In its winter collection, they decided to release a khaki jumpsuit that looks a whole lot like a Kurdish soldier’s uniform. Coincidence? Of course it is! Why would they wanna be in everyone’s mouth and receive a lot of attention? (sarcasm alert!)



You can imagine how this would tick people in the Middle East off since these female soldiers have been fighting Syria and Iraq. So who exactly are these soldiers of peace? These women from Kurdish have been defending a town called Kobani against Syrian and Iraqi Islamic forces.

Arin Mirkan, the commander of this freedom-fighting movement are just as willing to go to the extreme as the terrorists they are fighting against. She went on a suicide mission at a strategic post in the Islamic State and blew herself up in the name of peace.



Now suddenly H&M introduces this olive-green fashion line into their winter collection and they’re getting a lot of heat for it.

The turbulent war in Syria and the surrounding areas are certainly nothing to poke fun off. There are people dying in this region every day from all sides. So what the hell could possibly motivate H&M to do something like this? Granted that clothing lines sometimes have to go to the extreme to get the publicity they need to make sales. But there are also times when sales tactic border on plain and offensive stupidity.

H&M isn’t the only company in the fashion industry to have made that mistake. Urban Outfitters has also stuck their foot where it didn’t belong. Just look at the bloodied Kent State Sweatshirt which practically spits in the face of the four students who were shot to death by troopers during a war protest in the 1970s.



So the question remains, should H&M apologize for their lack of consideration? Was the resemblance of the jumpsuit intentional or just simply a bad coincidence? Given that the model is wearing military boots as well suggests that it wasn’t an accident. But H&M’s press representative claims that it is simply one of those odd coincidences and that the design was based off of feedback from their customers. He added that there’s been a higher demand for jumpsuits and they were simply carrying out their demands, not trying to instigate an international incident.

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