Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader Mercilessly Mock Confused Reporter in Hilarious Live Interview: Watch

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It’s like a Saturday Night Live sketch come to life! KWGN reporter Chris Parente found himself with the proverbial egg on his face while interviewing former SNL stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader about their new movie, The Skeleton Twins, on Friday, Sept. 26.

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The live (via satellite) chat started out okay, with Parente asking the duo to describe the film, but it quickly took a turn for the awkward when he followed up that question with a nonsequitur about going naked on camera. “Kristen, I am thinking, on this program, of doing the news completely full-frontal, completely nude,” he said. “Do you recommend that, and do you have advice for going nude?”

Wiig was very clearly taken aback — until Parente said, “You do it in the film!” She then realized he was confusing The Skeleton Twins with her other film festival favorite, Welcome to Me.

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Amused by his confusion, the Bridesmaids star, 41, and Hader, 36, proceeded to have a little fun with the interview, joking about various fake plot twists. “I’m nude in this movie, and I’m upside-down the whole film,” Hader quipped. “The movie takes place on Mars. Did you see this film?”

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Parente played along, all the while laughing at his own gaffe. “This one’s going on the resume tape, right here,” he said, mocking himself.

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Hader and Wiig didn’t stop there, though. The comedians continued to pile on, with Hader joking, “Chris, this is live. Everybody in Denver right now is going, ‘What movie do we go see?’ The movie you want to go see is Skeleton Twins. Kristen is fully clothed in it, I’m fully clothed in it. It is a drama, it is a comedy, and it’s a very sweet film.”

Laughing, Wiig piped in, “And Chris has not seen it.”

Watch the interview above!

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