Murphy’s American Crime Story Goes For The Juice (PICS)

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Not since BBC’s “Doctor Who” have viewers seen so many changes on television, like in American Horror Story. But then again, that’s what keeps a show fresh and on the air. American Horror Story is an anthology series brought to you by the same great mind that created Nip Tuck and Glee. The show remains creative and edgy by beginning a season long arc that concludes after thirteen episodes. The following season is a completely new storyline and most of the actors we have come to love will take on different roles.


Just look at the first season of AHS, which was about the infamous “Murder House” in California. The story centered on ghosts that haunt a family living there. In season two, the story took place in a mental asylum and it time-jumped between the past and the present to tie-in two storylines.  Really creepy, deeply emotional storylines where humanity was unbelievably barbaric.


In season three, the story once again took place in modern times but at a school of witches in Louisiana. Just recently, the fourth season began and it deals with the story about a group of circus freaks like the bearded lady, the two headed woman and other interesting characters that are shockinly deformed, or have weird conditions that actually immerse the viewers into a freakshow padded with good actors and the best writers weaving a web of mistery and shock.


Anthology series like AHS and True Detective are growing more popular each season.
So it makes perfect sense that the producers of AHS would ultimately come out with a spin-off. But this new anthology series won’t be dealing with the weird and unexplained. Instead it will focus on the very thrilling and all too real concept of famous crimes. The anthology series will be called American Crime story.



It’s likely that producer Ryan Murphy will have no problems finding inspiration. In fact, the first season will be about one of the most controversial murder cases of the late 20th century, the O.J. Simpson trial. Was O.J. guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her companion that night, Ron Goldman? The jury that acquitted him didn’t think so and yet there are still many people out there who believe that O.J. totally got away with murder.


At the time, many had claimed that the accusation was racially motivated. Others believed that he was let go due to ethnic social pressure. Some have even claimed the prosecutor in this cased slipped the “n” word behind the scenes, and they basically used the race card to set OJ free.




Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Murphy has tackled a controversial issue on television. On Glee, he tackled LGBT related storylines, substance abuse, eating disorders and teen suicides. Nip Tuck was a whole controversy within itself with two plastic surgeons that are at each other’s throats after learning that the other slept with his wife and that his son is really his friend’s son. Plus, there’s the season one storyline where the plastic surgeons are involved in some shady business with a drug kingpin and did I mention Famke Janssen’s portrayal as a transsexual? AHS has had its own controversies too like in season two where they seemingly rewrite the history of Anne Frank by having her in a mental asylum that’s haunted by the devil, aliens, a Nazi, and a wicked nun played by Jessica Lange.


But how will people react to Murphy’s version of the gruesome real life murders of Ron and Nicole at the hands of a sports superstar O.J. Simpson (Allegedly)? We can’t wait.



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