Oh No! Beyonce! Did You Photoshop It Again, Girl?

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Beyonce’s beauty is as great as her talent. But even celebs aren’t perfect. In fact, they are just as conscious about their figures as the rest of us. Since recovering from cosmetic surgery can take weeks, if not months, Beyoncé took to doing a little electronic plastic surgery … on her photograph.



We’ve all done it. Hell, even I’ve used the shrinking and pinching features on Photoshop to make that double chin look less noticeable. But the bad thing about doing that is that when you pinch an area too much it scrunches the extra you don’t want and distorts the area around you too. That’s how poor old Beyoncé got caught.

People claim that she allegedly altered a photo of herself as she was walking down the steps on a yacht. It practically altered the way the wood in the background looked. This isn’t the first time Beyoncé was accused of photoshopping herself. On at least one other occasion she has allegedly tried to make her thighs look a little thinner. Of course Beyoncé is way too smart to own up to a thing like that, even if she had, which she probably didn’t, but if she had, she wouldn’t admit it. In fact, when asked, she was like “Photoshop? Where? When? Girl please.”



Beyoncé isn’t the only one who got caught performing a little digital surgery on herself. Kim Kardashian, who gained some baby fat while she was pregnant, has been working diligently to get back into shape. But getting rid of that extra weight takes a lot of time. Most new mommies simply don’t have that, especially when you’re a Kardashian. So she went ahead and allegedly used Photoshop to get back that figure ahead of its time. Unfortunately, she committed the same mistake that Beyoncé has and failed to realize that you alter the photo when you pinch an area of fat from your photo.



Britney is another one. It seems that her singing on stage isn’t the only thing that’s fake. Sources suggest that she actually used Photoshop or a similar program to draw herself some abs. Boy, do I wish I could do that for myself!

Even though we completely understand the need to crop out a pimple, a scar, or the chubbiness from our thighs or stomach, one thing we can say about celebrities, they sure have no idea how to properly use Photoshop.


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