Paltrow & Martin: Can We Be Neighbors And Ex Lovers?

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When we think about divorcing someone, the last thing we would ever want to do is move across the street from our ex. But that’s exactly what famed actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin have done.


The divorce isn’t even official but the ex-couple have decided to go their separate ways. Now what would make them decide to live near each other when they can’t even live together? It’s all about the kids. Martin and Paltrow have two children and they feel that living within walking distance will be easier on them.

For me, this separation defies logic because most divorce cases are ugly. In fact, most of the time the parents are more concerned about expelling their spouses from their lives than the emotional well-being of their kids.

So does this arrangement mean that Martin and Paltrow are on friendly terms? Absolutely!


They have to be for their kids. Does this mean that reconciliation is possible? That’s less likely. Both of them seem to have moved on, especially Chris Martin who has allegedly gotten quite serious with his new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence. Although the couple denied rumors that they were dating, there have been a lot of reports from sources that suggest that not only are they serious about their relationship but they’re also taking about children! Talk about living life on the fast lane.


Lawrence definitely has some obstacles as the new woman in Chris Martin’s life. For starters, is she a rebound? She is after all the first woman in Martin’s life after Paltrow and it’s generally known that the one that comes after a break-up will never work out. Then there’s Martin’s other kids. How will Jennifer Lawrence fit into their lives? Plus Paltrow has left some pretty big shoes to fill. Will Jennifer be the only woman in Martin’s heart or will she forever be overshadowed by Paltrow’s looming presence just right across the street from where they live?

As for Paltrow, don’t feel too bad for her. She’s had a better track record for dating famous celebs than most people in Hollywood. After all, Paltrow was the woman in Brad Pitt’s life long before Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie. She was even engaged to Pitt before she herself decided to call off the wedding. She’s a tough cookie too because while it left Brad devastated, she herself felt like it was the best choice she could make at that point in her life.


Then came Ben Affleck a few years later, but it wasn’t as serious. In fact, they kept breaking up and getting back together a few times before calling it quits towards the end of 2000. After her separation with Chris Martin, she was rumored to be getting serious with Martin Lawrence. Now Paltrow is rumored to be dating Glee produce Brad Pulchik. Well you have to hand it to this gal, she isn’t afraid to get back on the horse and she sure loves men named Brad.


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