Peek-A-Boo! Jennifer Garner Spanx You!

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There aren’t too many 42-year-old actresses who can look like a supermodel while walking down the street and yet, Jennifer Garner is one of those rare ladies and it’s pretty incredible too because she’s married to Ben Affleck, has three kids and has a hectic film schedule. I don’t think anyone in Hollywood would deny that she is the epitome of perfection. But recently on the red carpet, Ms. Perfect had a major wardrobe malfunction. A strong gust of wind blew her skin-tight black dress open, exposing the secret to those gorgeous curvatures … Spanx!


Spanx are garments that help shape your body, especially in the stomach area, so that everything looks firm and toned. This is actually great for women who have recently given birth or have had more than one child like Jennifer Garner has. Because the truth is no matter how many crunches you do or how many Pilate or Yoga classes you take, you’re never going to get your body  to look the way it did when you were a teenager; at least, not without plastic surgery, especially after 40. The only thing is that most doctors don’t recommend them because they compress the wearer’s internal organs, causing digestive problems and cutting off the blood flow and oxygen to that region. But that’s only if you wear them all the time. Jennifer Garner only needs Spanx when she has to get into a dress for a special event like the red carpet.

So that’s Jen’s dirty little secret! Now that makes perfect sense. Though the actress is well known for working out and staying fit, even the actress who brought Sydney Bristow to life on the famous spy series “Alias” needs a little boost to look good. But that’s okay. She’s a working mom and she’s in her 40s but she looks like she’s in her 20s. So what if she needs to use a little Hollywood magic to look even more magnificent? After all, there’s no such thing as natural beauty … in Hollywood.


Now you’d think that the Spanx exposing incident would have made her crumble with embarrassment but you’d be wrong. Jennifer Garner simply laughed it off both on the red carpet and on talk shows where she explained what happened. Fans, especially women, didn’t take Jen as a fraud. They cheered her on because they felt that this little incident proved to the world that the average woman and the Hollywood woman are a lot more relatable than most would think.

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