Proof That Human Cupcake Ariana Grande Is SO dating Big Sean

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There is no denying it anymore, Ariana Grande and Big Sean are officially together. After dodging rumors, sneaking around and pictures of them holding hands backstage at the VMAs, there’s finally irrefutable proof that Big Grande are an item. And it’s BIG. It’s Grande. We dig this couple!



The couple chose an admittedly odd place to made their relationship public: the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal Studios. You might not agree that a spooky roller coaster is a romantic setting, but Ariana and Sean didn’t seen to mind. Just as the camera snapped a picture of the screaming faces of everyone on the ride, the couple went for a big smooch.


Rumors of Grande and Big have been going around for a while now, fueled by their frequent musical collaborations and public appearances together. Recently, Big Sean told MTV that Ariana and him make a lot of music together and the chemistry between them is great. A couple of weeks ago, Grande Instagrammed a picture of what appeared to be their shadows together, and captioned it with a simple smiley face. Was that their first official picture as a couple?


The pint-sized pop star had been in the news recently for being an unapologetic diva, relying too much on her trademark ponytail and even for being too “dark and deranged”. In an interview with Billboard, the singer confessed that her mother thought she would grow up to be a serial killer. “I was like a mini Helena Bonham Carter”.


Here’s hoping that new-found love calms Ariana Grande’s inner little psycho, and keeps her from reconsidering her career.


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