Sleepy Hollow’s Lyndie Greenwood Talks Jenny’s Potential Romantic Future With Captain Frank Irving: See What She Had to Say!

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Jenny’s alive! Oh wait … Jenny’s on HuffPost Live. Fans of Sleepy Hollow were relieved to discover during the Monday, Sept. 22 season 2 premiere that Lt. Abbie Mills’ tough-as-nailssister Jenny survived her car-flipping crash that left her life in question in last season’s finale. 

Actress Lyndie Greenwood visited HuffPost Live before Monday’s premiere aired to talk about the future of her character and to dish on a fan pairing that many “Sleepy Heads” have been gunning for. 

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“The relationship between Frank Irving and Jenny Mills is actually very interesting because I don’t think Orlando [Jones] and I even realized the potential chemistry there,” Greenwood, 31, said of the rumored pairing. “We’ve been pals from the start. He’s taken me under his wing, which is kind of a big moment for me, because I’ve watched him all my life. But [the viewers] saw this one episode and said, ‘Oh my gosh! Jenny and Irving that makes so much sense!’ And we were like, ‘Oh yeah, that actually kind of is a cool storyline.’” 

Actress Lyndie Greenwood dished on the potential relationship between Sleepy Hollow's Jenny and Captain Frank Irving.

Actress Lyndie Greenwood dished on the potential relationship between Sleepy Hollow’s Jenny and Captain Frank Irving.
Credit: David Johnson/FOX

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So will the Jenny/Frank relationship ever come to fruition? Don’t hold your breath, Sleepy Heads. Greenwood wasn’t particularly optimistic, noting, “You know at the end of the season you see that he’s trapped. He’s locked away. So we’ll see how Jenny and Irving get to interact.” 

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Greenwood kept her interview spoiler-free, but was willing to talk about the comparison between herself and her character — drawing an important distinction between her own past and Jenny’s traumatic childhood and family history. 

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“I think we’re pretty similar in a lot of ways,” she said, speaking of herself in the third person. “I think if Lyndie had lived through what Jenny had lived through, we’d be more similar; we’d react to things in the same way. Fortunately, Lyndie did not. I like to think of myself as a strong woman and as a survivor. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, but I might if I’d been through what Jenny went through.”

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