Tampon Sandwiches And Chocolate Bars In Teresa and Joe Guidice’s Future

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Teresa and Joe Guidice are famous for being on the reality hit show, Real Housewives Of New Jersey. But their status is about to go from famous to infamous after the two pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud in March of 2014. Now she may be facing something quite similar to what the main character goes through on Orange is the new black. A popular TV show you should be watching.



It’s safe to say that the parents of four daughters were pooping bricks up to the point where the judge sentenced them. Teresa is going away for 15 months but it’s actually Joe who got the “it” at the end of the stick when he was sentenced to 41 months!



To be separated from your children for a day, a week, a month is tough for any good parent but a year and three months for Teresa and  3 and a half years for Joe has got to be devastating for both the parents and the children.

To add insult to injury, the judge added that this sentencing would basically serve to teach their four daughters about rules and consequences as well. Like many of us, we tend to spend big and we do it by using credit cards and taking out loans. Sometimes people like the Giudice go overboard. They’re not technically bad people just perhaps a bit irresponsible. Some would say that the judge was condescending when he told them that they shouldn’t spend what they don’t have and if their friends didn’t like them because they don’t have nice cars then they’re not really their friends.



Teresa’s predicament is similar in a lot of ways to the Piper from Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. The character ends up on the bad end of a drug smuggling deal gone wrong. Although initially she wasn’t caught, her “bosom buddy” turns her in ten years after the event.  Piper is then forced to turn herself into a minimum security prison. The trials and tribulations she faces behind bars go from being stalked by her prison wife “Crazy Eyes” to the prison cook named Red who has it in for her after Piper insults her cooking.

In a lot of cases when a parent goes to jail the kids end up in foster care. Fortunately, Gia Guidice is old enough to take temporary custody of her siblings until at least one of her parents gets out of jail. Recently Teresa shared during an interview that Gia told her that her experience raising her siblings will prepare her to be a good mom when she has her own family. This according to Teresa broke her heart.

Poor Teresa and Joe! They are going to have a lot of time to reflect their past actions. Rich people behind bars tend to have a tougher time adjusting to prison unless you’re Martha Stewart. She certainly had no problems turning her dire situation into a business opportunity. Going as far as filming a show while behind bars. Here’s hoping that Joe doesn’t get a big old chocolate bar while behind bars. As for Teresa, let’s hope she doesn’t get served a tampon sandwich like in the show Orange Is The New Black.



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