The Osbournes: Making Weird Look Good

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The Osbourne family is certainly not your atypical family. They’re like The Addams Family meets heavy metal. They’ve certainly had a great deal of misadventures, controversies and bumps on the road, but that’s why we love them.

Just recently, Kelly, the genetic love child of Ozzie and his wife Sharon, decided to dip two wisdom teeth she had removed years earlier in gold! According to Kelly, she intended to keep one of the gold teeth for herself and give the other one to her dad. But if you think that’s weird, then take a look at some of the stunts her father Ozzie has pulled over the years.


Ozzy used to shoot cows in the head for a living.


That’s right! The famous musician worked in a slaughterhouse as a teenager. Now that makes for one hell of an interesting thing to put on your resume.

As a musician, Ozzy loved getting the attention of his fans in very odd ways. One time, he painted his nose purple before going on stage, but ultimately the joke was on him because the paint was difficult to take off. It took weeks before it gradually came off. Now that has got to be embarrassing even for a wacky musician like Ozzy Osbourne.

And now that I mention the color purple, I can’t help but wonder if it’s genetic since his daughter Kelly has the habit of painting her hair that color. Sometimes she’ll color it bright purple to the point that it looks a little pink too. You’d think she was auditioning to play a role in the real-life JEM and the Holograms movie. Sometimes she’ll even shave the side of her head, which I would normally say is an appalling look for women, but somehow Kelly makes it work.


Now you take one look at Ozzy and the first thing that comes to mind is that he is a Satan worshipper and that’s exactly what a group of Satanists thought too. In the 70s, a group of Satanists decided to camp out by the hotel room while Ozzie was trying to rest. This crazy icon got rid of them by walking out, blowing out their candles and singing the birthday song to them.

But a lot of the wackiness that surrounded the Osbourne family has been the result of a great deal of scandal, especially when it related to drugs and alcohol. One night Ozzy got so drunk that Sharon took all of his clothes to prevent him from leaving the hotel. But do you think that stopped Ozzie? No! He grabbed one of Sharon’s frocks and took a walk through San Antonio.  Everything would have been fine if he hadn’t peed on the Wall of the Alamo, a historical monument Texan monument. It took a decade before that incident blew over.

Even after all these years, Ozzy still manages to create controversy but in a way that makes his fans love him even more and it seems that his legacy has been passed on, at least in his daughter Kelly. Ultimately what we love the most about the Osbourne family is that they make being odd cool.


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