This Dude Woke Up From Surgery But Beyonce Wasn’t There

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Wisdom teeth removal is a scary thing for most of us. You get knocked out, have wild dreams and hallucinations while some guy messes around in your mouth and then wake up to find that Beyonce is not there waiting for you.


Or at least, that’s what happened to Cody Lanphere. This 17-year-old left the dentist office with a mouth full of bloody gauze and a heart full of broken dreams. While waiting for the drugs to wear off, his mom decided to film Cody on their way home, and this teenager is the image of heartbreak. Beyoncé promised that she would be there to help him recover, but she was nowhere to be found. So Cody woke up like this…(without Beyonce)



Cody’s mom explained to him that she couldn’t make it, and promised to call her when they get home, but the poor teen was just too devastated and trying to find his heart to pay attention.

It’s quite normal to wake up from anesthesia and start saying incoherent things. I remember when I had shoulder surgery. I woke up and my doctor was telling my whole family how in the middle of waking up, I hugged him and started yelling “I love you”. “I love you, thank you so much”, and “please let me take you out for a sandwich or something, I love you, thank you doctor”.

Anesthesia makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9 and then you wake up to the sad reality you ain’t having a sandwich with the hot doctor, or Beyonce. But hey, not everyone can be as lucky as Jason Mortensen. At least he woke up to find out that his wife is a total knockout. “Did the doctor send you? Man, you are eye candy” he said as soon as he saw her. “You are my wife? Holy S***, I hit the jackpot!”. Now If only Beyoncé had been there to greet him, that would have been perfect.


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