Tyler Perry, Jimmy Fallon Have Jumping Drones Race: Watch the Video!

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Time to give up, Jimmy! Jimmy Fallon challenged Tyler Perry to yet another remote control vehicle race — and the Gone Girl actor showed the talk show host who’s boss yet again!

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Fallon introduced the competition on Tuesday, Sept. 31’s Tonight Show, explaining his opponent was quite a professional. “Tyler is a well known remote control enthusiast,” Fallon said, admitting their past history of remote control challenges hadn’t gone so well. “So far I’m 0-3,” he said. “Today we’re using i-pads and we’re going to control these jumping drones.”

Tyler Perry remained remote control champion on The Tonight Show

Tyler Perry remained remote control champion on The Tonight Show
Credit: NCP/Star Max/GC Images

Fallon showed Perry the course: the drones had to jump off the stage, through a raised hoop, go through a tunnel and finally jump over The Roots musician Frank Knuckles.

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Perry got off to a zooming start until he hit the tunnel when his drone went out of sight. “Man going through this tunnel’s a trip,” he said, laughing. “Like I’m smoking!”

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Click on the link above to see who won, and find out who landed the drone right in Knuckles’ stomach!

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