What We Think About Lady Gaga’s Weight Gain

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Usually, when Lady Gaga is on the news it”s because she just released another of her catchy songs, shocked the world with a new music video or because she decided to strut around in a dress made out of meat. But this time, people are talking about her for a reason that, in comparison, is mundane: her minimum weight gain. It is true, Lady Gaga gained 25 pounds but the only thing that this tells us is that under all her extravagant outfits, she is just as human as the rest of us. But criticism doesn’t face her, she still loves herself and the world, because that’s the Gaga we know and love.



We all know that the media focuses on women’s bodies to a ridiculous extent. Whenever a woman is mentioned, be it a model, an actress, a politician or a scientist, someone will make a comment about her appearance. Her hair, the make up she’s wearing, her outfit and yes, her weight. In this world women are decoration first and people second and it seems that in order to be accepted, loved and taken seriously, women have to fit a narrow standard and accept that their appearance will be scrutinized all the time.


Unsurprisingly, a large majority of women feels unhappy and insecure about their appearance, and many fall victim to eating disorders. And Lady Gaga herself is one of them. She has confessed that she has battled with bulimia since she was fifteen and her blog is a platform for her fans to share similar stories and offer support. There she writes that she’s started a body revolution to inspire bravery and compassion, and maybe it’s time we all join her.


It’s time we start loving ourselves and accepting our bodies and not listen to what the media has to say. It’s time we tell little girls that they are beautiful, but that they are smart and strong too. It’s time we judge women and men by what they do, not just what they look like. And it’s time we stop talking about Lady Gaga’s weight. Because twenty five pounds heavier or not, she will continue to make great music and wear weird outfits, and we will continue to love her for that.



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